Jesse Stormer
3D Animator
About Me

I am a traditional artist who has grown to love technology, and integrate it into my work. I’m driven to combine my talents of digital and traditional media, to create truly original and stimulating works of art. I’m incredibly passionate about my art-form, and feed on the creative energy of a team.

  • Birthdate: 01/07/1988
  • Phone: (814) 715-1156
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Phoenix, Az
My Skills
Graphic Skills
Personal Skills
  • Effective problem solver
  • Tactful and patient communicator
  • Good team player
  • Success motivated
  • Creative & hard working
Demo Reel

Shot Breakdown:

Shot 1: Intro: Everything
Shot 2: ACU Football Intro, bird breaking out of football: Rigging and Animation
Shot 3: ACU Football Intro, rock monsters: Rigging and Animation
Shot 4: Valley Metro, train crossing bridge: Everything
Shot 5: Cignal Denoble Files, walking brain: Rigging and Animation
Shot 6: Cignal Denoble Files, brain popping out of head: Rigging and Animation
Shot 7: Gauthier Jewelery, underwater scene: Everything, except turtle and fish creation.
Shot 8-10: Virtuous Software Explainer: Character design, rigging, animation
Shot 11: Brachytherapy 2D, Animation
Shot 12: Everpower Holiday video: Style Dev, animation, lighting, comping
Shot 13: Ruiz Strategies promo: lady in red: Everything
Shot 14: Mindspace promo: tracked tilt shift city: Everything
Shot 14: MRM McCann Verizon: diving volleyball player: Rigging and animation
Shot 15: Citrix animation: Globe: Everything
Shot 16: Clarabridge: White World: Animation, lighting, style development, comping
Shot 17: Bank commercial: Peach Trees: Compositing
Shot 18: Cable One Business Fiber: Modeling, texturing, shader dev, rigging, animation
Shot 19-20: Valley Metro, train : Everything
Shot 20: Cignal Denoble Files, brain popping out of head: Rigging and Animation
Shot 21: Extraco Banks Gamification: Style Dev, Animation, Comping
Shot 22: Color wheel in park – tracked footage – proof of concept: Everything
Shot 23-End: Extraco Banks Gamification: Style Dev, Animation, Comping

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