Jesse Stormer
3D Animator
About Me
I am a traditional artist who has grown to love technology and integrate it into my work. My expertise extends from drawing, painting, and photography, to 3D modeling and animation. I enjoy what I do very much, and feed on the creative energy of a team. I am a creator, innovator, discoverer, inventor, trailblazer; trendsetter. An all-around creative thinker and do-er.
  • Phone: (814) 715-1156
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Raleigh, NC
My Skills
Graphic Skills
Personal Skills
  • Effective problem solver
  • Tactful and patient communicator
  • Good team player
  • Success motivated
  • Creative & hard working
Demo Reel

Shot Breakdown:

Shot 1: Intro: Everything
Shot 2: ACU Football Intro, bird breaking out of football: Rigging and Animation
Shot 3: ACU Football Intro, rock monsters: Rigging and Animation
Shot 4: Valley Metro, train crossing bridge: Everything
Shot 5: Cignal Denoble Files, walking brain: Rigging and Animation
Shot 6: Cignal Denoble Files, brain popping out of head: Rigging and Animation
Shot 7: Gauthier Jewelery, underwater scene: Everything, except turtle and fish creation.
Shot 8-10: Virtuous Software Explainer: Character design, rigging, animation
Shot 11: Brachytherapy 2D, Animation
Shot 12: Everpower Holiday video: Style Dev, animation, lighting, comping
Shot 13: Ruiz Strategies promo: lady in red: Everything
Shot 14: Mindspace promo: tracked tilt shift city: Everything
Shot 14: MRM McCann Verizon: diving volleyball player: Rigging and animation
Shot 15: Citrix animation: Globe: Everything
Shot 16: Clarabridge: White World: Animation, lighting, style development, comping
Shot 17: Bank commercial: Peach Trees: Compositing
Shot 18: Cable One Business Fiber: Modeling, texturing, shader dev, rigging, animation
Shot 19-20: Valley Metro, train : Everything
Shot 20: Cignal Denoble Files, brain popping out of head: Rigging and Animation
Shot 21: Extraco Banks Gamification: Style Dev, Animation, Comping
Shot 22: Color wheel in park – tracked footage – proof of concept: Everything
Shot 23-End: Extraco Banks Gamification: Style Dev, Animation, Comping

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